Sunday, July 23, 2017


...is alternately flying by and passing exceedingly slowly, depending upon the mood of my girls and thus, my mood. As is usual when the girls are home 24/7, I am getting nothing of any consequence accomplished save frantic trips to the grocery and near daily visits to the laundry room. Most of the time is spent at the lake, or, because of all the major storms lately, getting on each other's nerves in the house.
I love that the lifeguards are basically just leaning back, trying to make it look like a contest.

Magna tiles never get old.
Before Nana left, she wanted to get her haircut so I made appointments for the girls and her.

Looking great!
Our garden is continuing to flourish with beets, kale, and parsley taking center stage for supper one evening.

It was finally dry enough to burn the pyre of branches we had building up. Even then, though, the middle of the stack was still damp and soon started smoking.
Still hot enough for s'mores!
Some evenings we are the last ones on the beach when the lifeguards get off duty so the girls delight in helping out and learning about being a lifeguard. Kate was getting a lesson in how the rescue board works.
 Every night, the guards rake the sand level for the next day.
String/flags are put up on the dock perimeters to keep the geese and ducks from roosting.
Toys that have been lost in the lagoon are retrieved.
When we aren't doing all of that, I add checking on the basement to my list as well. With all the monumental rain we've been having, our basement is having some water issues. According to our rain gauge, we've gotten just over 6 1/2" rain from Thursday to today!

We've had one contractor come out to look at it and are awaiting a second opinion but it looks like we have two issues. One is in the crawl space with water coming in at the joint where the foundation meets the walls.

The other appears to be originating from the front stoop where it is pulling away from the foundation, pulling the flashing off with it. Unfortunately, it's coming in in the finished part of the basement so the drywall is going to have to be replaced.

Based on what I'm seeing of the flooding around the area, I guess we should be grateful that we're not floating but having any water coming into a basement that had been listed as "never having any water" is maddening. The front stoop issue is now going to be a major cost fix as it involves tearing up the old concrete stoop, removing all the rotted wood and flashing and rebuilding something else in its place. The crawl space is a separate issue and will involve jackhammering the floor inside to install drains that will run into the existing sump pump at the other end of the house.

Choosing to ignore all of that today, Len took Lucy fishing for the afternoon. As you can see behind her, the lake level is up into the grass.

I stayed back with Kate who went to bed with a fever last night, woke up vomitting this morning and only just tonight was starting to feel better, with a lot of help from Bella.

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