Sunday, August 13, 2017

A visit from the grandparents

YiaYia and Pappou were here for a glorious 4 1/2 days and the girls soaked up all the extra attention like sponges.

Kate was gifted with a clay pottery spinner by a neighborhood friend, Sophia, who no longer used it. The clay from below the sand on the beach worked well enough and kept her completely enthralled for an afternoon.

The girls have been swimming all summer with the neighborhood swim team and their swim meet was last week. Both girls have really become quite agile swimmers and divers. Lucy's best stroke is the backstroke and Kate's is the breaststroke.

Lucy is solid muscle.
Pre-meet photo in the lifeguard stand.
The pre-meet huddle.

Lucy was in the first set of races. She was not paying attention to the lineup though as you can see.
So she missed the whistle and was still asking if she was supposed to go while everyone else took off.
FINALLY, she dove in.

She managed to finish 3rd in freestyle even with the late start.
Kate was ready for the next heat...the breaststroke, her favorite.

She, too, finished 3rd.

YiaYia came down to the shoreline to cheer them on.
Next up was Lucy's favorite, the backstroke. This time she was paying attention.

 Then came relay races using various strokes for each lap.

Can't you just hear the "MOOOOMMMMM!!!" coming from her?!

And finally, to end things on a fun note, a cannonball contest.
Kate went in on her side since, as she told me later, "it maximizes the area hitting the water and makes a bigger splash." 
A pizza and cookie party followed with a short break for another photo.
YiaYia took the girls shopping for back-to-school clothes. I snapped a couple of photos during their dress-up in my bedroom mirror.

Along with some great books, YiaYia and Pappou also brought back Athena headbands for the girls from their recent trip to Greece.
But the best thing of all, according to Kate and Lucy, was a day spent at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. YiaYia and Pappou bravely took both girls into the city by themselves. I dropped them off at the train station in the morning and picked them back up in time for supper that evening. They loved their adventure with them, mostly because they had their grandparents all to themselves, with any of the "boring adult talk" that happens when I'm around!
And then, just like that, it was time for YiaYia and Pappou to go home. Until next summer!

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